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January/February 2008
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Management of Urea Fertilizer to Minimize Volatilization, EB0173

2007 Water Quality Nutrient Standards Forum
The Illinois Council on Food and Agricultural Research (C-FAR) Water Quality Strategic Research Initiative sponsored an educational forum on the latest research in Illinois water quality on October 23 at the University of Illinois at Springfield. The forum focused on the impact of multiple factors affecting Illinois surface waters.
The following presentations from the forum are downloadable:

Corn-Based Ethanol in Illinois and the U.S
The U.S. ethanol boom – what are the causes, attendant effects on Illinois and U.S. agriculture, and alternative futures? These are some of the issues addressed in this report from the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics and the College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois. The goal of this report is to provide objective information to Illinois stakeholders, cutting through the emotional, political and economic self-interests that often dominate discussions about ethanol production and use.

The Future of Biofuels: A Global Perspective
Global biofuel production tripled between 2000 and 2007, but still accounts for less than 3 percent of global transportation fuel supply. Increased demand for biofuels has contributed to higher world food and feed prices. Biofuels will likely be part of a portfolio of solutions to high energy prices that includes conservation, more efficient energy use, and use of other alternative fuels.

Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems Publications
CISA is a sustainable agriculture research center at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Life Satisfaction on Grazing Dairy Farms in Wisconsin

How Is Cheese from Pastured Cows Unique?