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March/April 2008
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“So How Do I Make Corn and Soybean Pricing Decisions?”

This brief introduces a new approach to making corn and soybean pricing decisions. This new “pricing matrix” approach is an integrated model of pricing that considers a broader range of strategies than the traditional approach. Use of the pricing matrix approach not only has significant potential to improve pricing performance, particularly for the chronic poor performers, but there is opportunity to reduce price risk for individual producers and to reduce the level of frustration associated with crop pricing.

Using Foliar Fungicides to Manage Soybean Rust, p. 112

The manual covers a wide variety of information related to risk assessment, pesticide basics, fungicide applications and alternatives for organic soybean production.

Manure Characteristics


Describes how to mange manure including: instructions on sampling manure; how to choose a lab; interpreting manure analysis results; and the differences between types of manure.

Precision Technology Can Reduce Spraying Website

http://tinyurl.com/2kne6a, scroll down to "decision-making tools" and select "KSU-GPS guidance" to download an Excel spreadsheet, a tool for evaluating the economics of machine guidance and section control investment.

“Map-based, satellite-guided automatic control systems for both planting and spraying equipment is said to be rapidly gaining interest as a new agricultural technology. Systems are being developed that control individual nozzles on a sprayer, stopping and starting spray flow based on global positioning satellite maps. Unintended duplication
(spray overlap) can be avoided with savings in both reduced amount of material sprayed as well as in costs. In some instances on large farms, the costs of the systems are reported to be recovered in less than two years through direct savings. A spread sheet prepared at Kansas State Univ. (U.S.) can be used to estimate the savings of precision-control technology.” (Source: IPMnet News)