Extension Ag Update
July/August 2008
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Internet Links

Fungicides Grouped by Mode of Action and Relative Risk for Developing Resistance Problems

This table helps you chose the best fungicide.

2008 Machinery Cost Estimates

These are often used to set custom hire rates for machinery operations in Illinois.

Illinois Agritourism Webpage

Developed by John Pike, a U of I Extension, Community and Economic Development Educator, this website has a wealth of information thinking about including agritourism as part of their operation.

Plant Information On-line (University of Minnesota)

Looking for a specialty crop to grow?  Here’s how to find the seed. This site lists 1,000 retail and wholesale nurseries from North America where plants and seeds of all types (>100,000) can be purchased.  It also has contact info and links for over 2,000 North American retail and wholesale seed and nursery firms as well as bibliographic details for more than 350,000 images of wild and cultivated plants from around the world.

Understanding and Responding to Climate Change

 National Academies of Science new report on climate change is now available.

Breath of a Nation - Animated CO2 Map

Kevin Gurney atmospheric scientist and others at Purdue Scientists now track and map daily and local patterns of carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of fossil fuels by power plants, factories, and vehicle traffic.