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October 2008
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Farmdoc Crop Insurance
The farmdoc Crop Insurance section has been modified so that quotes for wheat are now available. This includes a new Fall-deadline section which will give quotes for 2009 wheat. The Spring-deadline section will continue to give quotes and information about 2008.  Wheat quotes are preliminary as no information to accurately quote wheat has been released by RMA. Final base prices, volatilities and price factors have not been released for wheat harvested in 2009; hence, all premium quotes are estimates.

UPDATED - Pesticide Safety Education Program website
 This site includes the Illinois Pesticide Review newsletter, featured tips, fact sheets, a directory of training manuals, training schedules, certification information as well as a comprehensive list of resources.

Securing the Load A Guide to Safe and Legal Transportation of Cargo and Equipment, PPP-75
Accidents waiting to happen occur on roads everywhere.  Chains, straps and ropes – do you know when they will break?  Learn how to safely secure load in your trucks whether you are carrying pesticides or hay.

Poster summarizing the critical points from the publication “Securing the Load”

2008 Farm Bill Side-by-Side
The Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008, which governs Federal farm programs for 2008-12, was enacted into law in July 2008. Summarized but substantive, this comparison is a time-saving reference on farm bill provisions.

Moth Identification Guide for Blacklight Trap Catch in Wisconsin
Sarah Schramm and Eileen Cullen
If you're maintaining a blacklight trap, you'll appreciate being able to refer to this overview of moths you're likely to encounter. This concise guide highlights key wing markings to help you quickly identify specimens. Profiles 16 common moths: European corn borer (and other borers), corn earworm, cutworms, loopers, and armyworms.

Farm Energy Calculators: Tools for saving money on the farm
This new publication provides a list of web resources of a variety of farm energy calculator tools. Direct costs of energy, such as fuel and electricity, paired with indirect energy costs in the form of fertilizers and chemicals, can significantly affect farm net revenues. Minimizing direct and indirect energy consumption on farms can lead to considerable savings