Extension Ag Update
December 2008
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Illinois Manure Share Website: http://www.manureshare.illinois.edu/
Ellen Phillips, Extension Educator–Crop Systems, 708-352-0109, ephillps@illinois.edu

“Illinois Manure Share” is a new website designed to connect farm operations and stables that have extra manure with landscapers, composter, golf courses, gardeners and others who can utilize the manure.  The goal is to remove the manure from operations that do not have the acreage to adequately utilize its nutrients on their fields or pastures.  The environment is the ultimate winner with less manure going to landfills and instead being utilized as a valuable nutrient resource and lowering fertilizer costs.

At the website, participants can fill out one of two forms.  The “I Have Manure” form is for operations that have manure they would like to have removed.  Participants will indicate what type of animal manure it is, if it is composted, if there is a nutrient analysis available and whether they can help by loading, delivering or spreading the manure.  The “I Want Manure” form allows participants to indicate the type of manure they want. 

You don’t have to register to utilize the website.  The website has searchable directory of those who have signed up for each of the lists.  The public can contact those in their region and negotiate how to transfer the manure. The website also includes inks to federal and state rules and regulations affecting the process.

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