Extension Ag Update
December 2008
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Internet Links

Wheat Variety Trail Data
Check this website for 2009 wheat yield and test weight data varieties grown at University of Illinois Agronomy Research Centers across the state.

Illinois Manure Management Plans
This program will help you accurately apply manure.

Laboratories that test Manure
A list of labs that accept manure for nutrient analysis.

Estimating a Value for Corn Stover
Can corn stover bring extra value? This publication estimates the values for bales or in-field stover.  Formulas should be substituted with current prices.

Manufacturing Fuel Pellets from Biomass

Energy-Efficient Grain Drying Resources
This publication summarizes two low-impact technologies used to dry grain; natural-air drying and solar drying. Although not as much recent research has focused on solar technology for grain drying, solar was shown by University of Maryland studies to be feasible for small- and medium-size facilities for drying grain for on-farm use.

Dairy Production on Pasture: Introduction to Grass-Based and Seasonal Dairying
This publication addresses aspects of pasture production beginning with animal selection and forage resource assessment, grazing, facilities, reproduction and health, organic production and seasonal economics.

Biodiesel: Do-it-yourself Production Basics
This publication is an introduction to home biodiesel production. It includes lists of equipment and materials needed to make small batches of biodiesel. It describes biodiesel and includes cautionary notes and procedures for making test batches.

The Agricultural Marketing Resource Center (AgMRC)
This is a virtual library of agricultural value-added opportunities, business development and consulting resources for producers. Producers can investigate specific commodity information on many different niche opportunities and can locate specific laws, consultants and individual contacts within their individual state to assist them in the grant application process.