Extension Ag Update
December 2008
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Grain Drying, Handling, & Storage
Dr. Kenneth J. Hellevang, North Dakota State University

Illinois Post-Harvest Handling of Crops
Dr. Bill Wilcke, University of Minnesota

Grain Storage Tips: Factors and Formulas for Crop Drying, Storage and Handling

Farmstead Energy Audit

Selecting drift-reducing nozzles

Pest Management Videos on "YOU TUBE"
The University of Wisconsin Integrated Pest and Crop Management program now has short videos on "White Mold in Soybeans," "Western Bean Cutworm: A Pest of Field and Sweet Corn," and, "Tomato Late blight in Wisconsin" on "You Tube". The videos can be found through the publication Wisconsin Crop Manager

Biomass Compare
This tool evaluates biomass profitability. This online Excel spreadsheet compares the profitability of raising a new biomass crop with existing crops already on a producer's farm. The program is flexible enough to handle harvesting of biomass residues, such as straw and stovers, from existing crops, as well as establishing a new, dedicated crop of annuals and perennials strictly raised for biomass harvesting, such as switchgrass. The program calculates what prices the user would have to receive for traditional crops produced on their farm to be competitive.

Audio-Video Barn: Illinois agricultural history
Anyone with a computer can now see and hear the history of Illinois agriculture told by the people who lived it. This website features nearly 300 hours of interviews with more than 130 people involved with agriculture in Illinois over the past 129 years. The videos can be searched by topic, name, date, or geographic location.