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March 2009
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Field Crop Scouting Manual (6th ed.), X880e
The 2010 edition of The Field Crop Scouting Manual is designed to help agricultural professionals identify and evaluate common problems in the field. The manual describes scouting, crop monitoring, and sampling techniques that will help you identify and monitor pests that are a threat to field crops in the Midwest. It provides a context for using that information as a fundamental part of an Integrated Pest Management production program. It is also available as a CD-ROM. Order from Publications Plus.

Host plant resistance to the soybean aphid
The availability of aphid-resistant soybeans is increasing, and so is the amount of information available to growers interested in this new tool for preventing yield loss from the soybean aphid. Drs. Hodgson and O'Neal describe the source of soybean aphid resistance and results from two years of field testing.

New Soybean Publications

  • Variety Information Program for Soybeans (VIPS) – 2009 data
  • Help Stop Glyphosate Resistance brochure
  • Foliar Fungicides for Soybean:  Playing the Odds

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