Extension Ag Update
March/April 2010
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Suppressing Weeds Using Cover Crops in Pennsylvania
The publication gives a good overview of methods to control weeds utilizing cover crops. 

Cover Crops Conference Proceedings
More than 120 people from 13 states and provinces attended a recent cover crops workshop. Cover crops are not widespread, but more farmers are beginning to explore their cover crop options because of their contributions to soil quality. Presentations are available at this website.

Crop Mazes and Agritourism
Information on employing GPS technologies in agritourism to create crop mazes

Cropping systems and rotations
An article from the Wisconsin Corn Agronomy Newsletter looking at the sustainability of current corn-soybean rotations.  It has an interesting look back at crop rotation systems over the past 100 years.

Aquaculture Enterprises: Considerations and Strategies
Aquaculture—the cultivation of fish and aquatic animals and plants—is expanding to meet consumer demand. This publication surveys the important considerations for planning an aquaculture enterprise. It will help you identify the production system, species, and marketing strategy most appropriate to your situation. The wide range of cultured species and production methods makes it impossible to provide a full discussion of aquaculture in a single document of this kind.

Notes on Goats, Dr. Sandra Solaiman, Professor and Director of Small Ruminant Research at Tuskegee University in Tuskegee
This comprehensive web site includes sections on breeds, selection, housing, breeding, feeding, health, records, budgets, marketing, quality assurance, environment, and regulatory issues.

Beyond the USDA: How other government agencies can support a healthier, more sustainable food system
While the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is considered the most influential federal agency when it comes to our food system, many other government agencies combine to deeply affect what, and how, food is raised and consumed in the U.S. This report discusses federal agencies and their role in administering programs, grants and regulatory oversight that affect food. This agency-by-agency review covers food safety regulations, community economic and housing development, health education, food procurement, labor standards, trade negotiations and transportation infrastructure.