Extension Ag Update
November/December 2010
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How Much Energy is being used on Your Farm?
Mark Hanna, Jay Harmon, Jane Flammang, Iowa State University
Discover how Iowa farm energy use compares to other states and how individuals can save energy on the farm.

Tracking Energy Use on Your Farm
Find out how to track your energy use on the farm with a simple energy log by using the provided Excel file linked within the PDF.

Managing High-Temperature Grain Dryers for Energy Efficiency
High-temperature grain dryers can dry grain at high speed to better accommodate grain larger yields and farm sizes. However, both dryer design and management play a role in achieving maximum grain drying energy efficiency. This publication discusses factors farmers should consider when deciding to install new or update existing grain drying equipment, specifically energy-related dryer design and management considerations for high-temperature systems.

Cover Crops and Crop Insurance
Kevin B. Shelley and Paul D. Mitchell, University of Wisconsin
For those interested in cover crops, this factsheet explains how growers may need to submit written requests to receive permission for some recommended cover cropping practices.  Also, some common types of crop insurance (APH, CRC) do not allow growers to insure a crop planted after an early spring harvest of a cover crop for forage, but some policies do allow this practice (GRP, GRIP, AGR-Lite).

Midwest Cover Crop Council on Facebook
Linking to MCCC Facebook will start updating your news feed as new events are added. It also provides a forum for followers to share comments, links, photos, and videos related to cover crops