Explore new places or visit old favorites as part of the 4-H Road Trip Family Challenge!  

Follow the directions below to earn one entry into the “County 4-H Family Challenge Prize Drawing” each time you visit a new “destination.”  Boone, DeKalb, and Ogle will have separate drawings. You will also be entered into the “IL-WI Grand Prize Road Trip Drawing.”  First county drawing:  December 15; second county drawing:  March 15.  Last date to enter:  March 5.  IL-WI Grand Prize Drawing:  March 15.

How to Complete This Challenge:

  1. Choose any one of the specific destinations listed to visit, and download the appropriate scavenger hunt questions to take with you.   
  2. Visit the destination, and take a family selfie at the designated spot. Post it on social media with the hashtag for your county: #Boone4H #DeKalbCounty4H, or #Ogle4H AND #4HRoadTripChallenge.    If you don’t use social media, email your selfie to your local 4-H Program Coordinator. Download the flyer for selfie locations here.
  3. Complete the Scavenger Hunt and upload your answers to the appropriate “Participation Report” link.  

Be aware that the scavenger hunt questions for each destination are meant to be answered by families.  Adult supervision during visits is needed to ensure safety at each of the destinations.  Nearby points of interest are provided as a courtesy for families unfamiliar with the locations.  No endorsement of attractions/restaurants is intended, and the list of options at any location is not nearly complete.

Destinations to Choose From:

  DeKalb County History Center
Sycamore, IL - DeKalb County

Ellwood House Museum
DeKalb, IL - DeKalb County

Lowden State Park
Oregon, IL - Ogle County

Rochelle Railroad Park
Rochelle, IL - Ogle County

Belvidere Park
Belvidere, IL - Boone County

“City of Murals”
Belvidere, Il - Boone County

Kishwauketoe Nature Conservancy
Williams Bay, WI - Walworth County

White River County Park
Lake Geneva, WI - Walworth County

Hidden Alley Cat Murals
Monroe, WI - Green County

Pearl Island Recreational Corridor
Brodhead, WI - Green County

Beckman Mill Park
Beloit, WI - Rock County

  • Physical Address: 11600 South County Highway H, Beloit WI 53511
  • Description: On the grounds of the 50-acre county park you will see an authentically restored 1868 grist mill, a new dam, mill pond, fish ladder, foot bridge, saw mill display, 1840s cooperage, visitor center, gift shop, creamery, blacksmith shop, picnic shelter, vintage garden, nature trail and more. The showpiece of the park is the Beckman Mill, the restoration of which was completed in 1997 by the Friends of Beckman Mill's volunteer work crew. It is operational with power being supplied by its original 1860s water driven Leffel turbine. In the event alternate power is needed, the mill can be operated by its vintage two-cylinder gasoline engine. The mill was built shortly after the Civil War by millwright William Howe of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. In 1882, it was acquired by August Beckman who had previously operated mills in nearby Juda and Hanover. The mill was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977.  Take your selfie in front of the main sign (pictured).
  • Download the SCAVENGER HUNT for this destination here. 
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  • Some nearby Points of Interest:

Nick Engelbert’s Grandview
Hollandale, WI - Iowa County

Gravity Hill
Shullsburg, WI - Lafayette County

  • Physical Address:  3999 County Road U, Shullsburg, WI 53586 (Lafayette County)
  • Description: One of the weirdest places in Wisconsin, Gravity Hill is a hill with a slightly downward slope that feels like an upward one.  The optical illusion is created by the surrounding land, making it seem that a car in neutral will actually roll uphill.  You have to experience this to believe it!  There is a “sign” at this location, but no other major clues.  PARENTS/GUARDIANS ONLY:  With caution, position your car at a "bottom" of the hill, and put it in neutral. Take your foot off the brake for a moment, and you will experience the thrill of your car not only climbing the hill by itself but gaining speed as it goes. BE ALERT FOR OTHER TRAFFIC!  
  • WARNING. This is a public road! Obey all traffic signs and rules. Where there are hills, there are blind spots. Always bring someone to watch for other traffic. Never try the hill when the road is wet and slippery or during inclement winter weather conditions.  Take your selfie with your vehicle in a safe location on the side of the hill.  For added fun, take a bottle of water with you, and when you take your selfie, pour a little bit of water onto the hill and snap a pic of it spill UPHILL. 
  • Download the SCAVENGER HUNT for this destination here.  
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  • Some nearby Points of Interest:

Yellowstone Lake State Park
Blachardville, WI - Lafayette County

Carver-Roehl Park 
Clinton, WI - Rock County

  • Physical Address:  4907 South Carvers Rock Road, Clinton, WI (Rock County)
  • Description: A portion of this scenic 53-acre park is designated as a “State Natural Area (SNS),” boasting outstanding examples of the state’s native landscape, archeological sites, and significant geological features.  The park features a rolling 1.5 mile trail loop from which visitors will see the Spring Brook Creek, limestone outcroppings, and a wide variety of plant life.  In season, visitors can cross country ski on this trail.  Park amenities include restroom facilities, a picnic shelter, picnic tables, grills, a gazebo, and a playground.  Take your selfie in front of the gazebo.
  • Download the SCAVENGER HUNT for this destination here.
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  • Some nearby Points of Interest:

Price Park Conservancy
Elkhorn, WI - Walworth County

  • Physical Address: N6418 Hodunk Road, Elkhorn, WI (Walworth County)
  • Description: Price Park Conservancy is 66.3 acres of rolling hills, wetlands, sedge meadow, shallow marsh, oakwoods, pine plantations, a pond, and open field grasslands. The location also features the 49-acres Mathilde Schriener Woods.  Hawks fly overhead, songbirds sing from the trees, and walking trails meander over rolling hills, and around a large pond. Dogs are welcome.   Take your selfie by any park bench along the trail.
  • Download the SCAVENGER HUNT for this destination here:
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  • Some nearby Points of Interest:

Coming Soon:

Destinations in other Wisconsin and Northern Illinois Counties are coming soon!  We are proud to be partnering with several other colleagues in offering this challenge opportunity.