My 2017 Garden Calendar is now available. It provides garden tips, a calendar of events, and a picture each month spotlighting Master Gardener (MG) projects. Here is a preview.

January displays MGs teaching over 2000 students about watersheds during the annual Peoria Clean Water Celebration. A tip suggests that we feed and water birds regularly.

February features the Peoria MGs providing gardening information at the Peoria Home Show, which is February 24-26. It is also a good time to prune landscape plants, except early spring bloomers.

March previews Gardeners BIG Day, which will be April 29 at Dickson Mounds Museum. Begin watching for the blooms of early spring bulbs!

April pictures an educational community beautification project in Mackinaw. Keep trimming, repotting, and fertilizing houseplants and overwintering tropical plants.

May shows Tazewell County MGs having fun while they teach about gardening during their annual Plant Bingo Event. Finish seeding your lawn and fertilize it on Mother's Day.

June displays the Peoria Academy's Outdoor Education Center Gardens, which was one of four food gardens featured in the 2016 Night in the Garden Series. Plant pumpkin seeds early in the month to be ready for Halloween.

July pictures MGs judging flowers at the Fulton County Fair. Fertilize container plants every two weeks.

August portrays MGs helping a Spark Tank youth group build a hoop house at Common Place in Peoria. Turn the compost pile and keep it moist.

September features MGs teaching all about beekeeping during Illinois Central College's annual Landscape &Garden Day. Add fall color to the landscape with blooming, flowering kale, and pansies.

October shows a sampling of the more than 25,000 pounds of fresh produce that the Washington Giving Garden has grown since 2011 to help feed the hungry. Begin potting spring flowering bulbs now to force into bloom indoors.

November showcases the Mason County Junior MG project teaches 4-H families how to grow their own food. It is also the time to prepare garden tools for the next gardening year.

December presents MGs and others learning how to make holiday decorations at the annual Greenery Workshop in Lewistown, IL. Enjoy a cup of tea made with dried herbs from your garden as you plan the next year's garden.

My entire garden calendar is available as a free pdf-format download at