Timewell Tile (Brown County)

Timewell Tile
Timewell, IL

Background: Based in Timewell, Illinois, Timewell Tile began production in 1995 with one extrusion line. Since then they have expanded and now have the capability to manufacture over 50 drainage products with a second manufacturing facility in Clifford, Michigan as well as a distribution center in Enfield, Illinois.

Business Description: Timewell Tile manufactures and distributes many different varieties of drainage and irrigation tile. With five different manufacturing lines, Timewell Tile strives to produce the highest quality of tiles and the lowest cost. Timewell Tile also owns and operates its own trucking line.

Why They Are Exceptional: Timewell Tile tests all incoming raw materials to make sure they meet strict quality specifications. All products are field tested to assure they meet or exceed their customers' needs.

Significant Results: Fueled by continued growth, Timewell added 5900 square feet to its corporate offices in Illinois in 2005. Timewell Tile has grown rapidly from one production line in Illinois to having multiple lines in two states producing over 50 different products and continues to be a leader in the drainage product field.