BDI – B. Deo-Voente, Inc. (Knox County)

BDI – B. Deo-Voente, Inc.
Galesburg, IL

Background: In early 2004, B. Deo-Volente, Inc. (BDI) owners Rick Dechow, Pam Wildermuth, Steve Gilles, and Mike Sweney believed in their product, industrial screens, so much that they developed a comprehensive business plan, strategic marketing plan and went to their local lender and asked for $750,000 dollars to help get their business off the ground. You could say they founded their business on a leap of faith – Deo-Volente is Latin for "God willing."

Entrepreneurial Business: B. Deo-Volente, Inc (BDI) is a start-up industrial screen manufacturer that makes screens for the agricultural, food processing, waste water and mining industries. BDI screens can be designed and built to fit any screening equipment and are available in any specified width and length. Size, shape and spacing of profile wire are engineered to meet job requirements. BDI screens are used in these industries to dewater, deslime, drain and rinse, classify wet/dry, strain, filter, dry and cool. Every industrial screen is custom-made to a client's specifications on an order-to-order basis. BDI is known for the quality of their product and the excellent service provided to their customers.

Exceptional Nature: BDI's only business is manufacturing profile screens which allows them to devote 100 percent of their attention to their customers, providing them with the best quality product on the market. Their team of experienced engineers assists their clients with their specific requirements and needs.

Significant Resources and Achievements: The owners, who have over 100 years of experience in screen design, application and manufacturing, realized that in order to achieve their goals, they would have to rely on local, state and federal resources. They began with Galesburg Regional Economic Development Association's (GREDA) Galesburg Business Incubator.

"Being a start-up, the Galesburg Business Incubator gave us a real advantage," Pam Wildermuth, Sales and Marketing Manager said. "The incubator offered flexible leasing terms, lower electricity costs and office furniture, allowing us to focus on growing our business." In fact, BDI was a finalist for the National Business Incubator Association's 2008 Outstanding Incubator Client in the Non-technology division. BDI also utilized Galesburg and state financing programs, including a low-interest revolving loan from the City of Galesburg and a grant from the Western Illinois Entrepreneurship Center.

The company boasts 17 employees and clients from throughout the United States and international clients include the countries of South Korea, China, Canada and Mexico. BDI is very optimistic regarding their future. They started out setting high goals, and are consistently meeting them.