Big River Fish (Pike County)

Background: Big River Fish Corporation was founded in 1999 with nothing more than a small 30' x 30' building along the Mississippi River, a fishing boat, pick-up, and a big dream. Coming from a long line of fishermen, Rick Smith, President of Big River Fish, decided to open his own fish market.

Entrepreneurial Business: Big River Fish has a successful background in the fishing industry as a large processor of all fresh water fish. Big River Fish now has over 90 commercial fishermen harvesting fresh fish, delivering them for weigh-in and processing all within the same day to provide the freshest quality on the market. Through new orders, recent letters of intent, and a purchase of over two million pounds of Asian carp in 2005, Big River Fish has become the largest purchaser of Asian carp in the United States. Big River Fish also offers smoked dried fish for African and other ethnic groups.

Exceptional Nature of This Business: Big River Fish has undergone many challenges and has managed to come out on top. Their Asian Carp product is sold across the nation. They have gone to great lengths to put their products out there and continue to strive to be the best in their industry.

Significant Results: Big River Fish is the largest purchaser of Bighead carp in the United States. Not only has Big River Fish managed to take what many people considered to be a nuisance and turn it into a marketable product, they have also managed to take their products into the global market!