Out on a Limb Teacher's Guide
Web Activity How We See Things
Objectives Children will gain a better understanding of perceptions and how different points of view about the same set of events leads to conflict.
Time Frame 30 minutes
Background Information

When a child is in conflict, she rarely sees the perspective or point of view of the other child. Conflicts generally turn into a contest around who is right and who is wrong.

Teaching youth to see conflicts from a different point of view enables them to appreciate the perceptions of others. It also allows them to realize that no one is right or wrong when in conflict. The goal is for the child to explain her point of view and listen to that of the other child. Ultimately, you want both children in conflict to understand how it might feel to be in each other's shoes.

How Much Do Kids Know?

Ask children to remember a recent conflict or problem they had. Ask them if they can picture the conflict from the point of view of the other person (say "Try to put yourself in the other person's shoes.") Ask the children why it is sometimes hard to see both sides of an argument.


"Perceptions – The World In My Eyes"

Necessary Materials


Distribute the "Perceptions-The World In My Eyes" worksheet to each child. Also distribute a piece of construction paper and crayons or multi-colored markers. Tell the children to draw a picture on the construction paper of what they think the world would look like through the eyes of any of the creatures, characters, animals and items listed on the "Perceptions-The World In My Eyes" worksheet.

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