Out on a Limb Teacher's Guide

Welcome to the Out on a Limb: A Guide to Getting Along conflict resolution website! Conflict resolution processes are being used by parents, schools, juvenile justice facilities and youth-serving organizations to help teach youth to deal with life's daily challenges without walking away or fighting.

This website is designed to help teach youth how to better manage conflicts and challenges they face on a daily basis.

The activities on the Out on a Limb website are designed primarily for third graders, but can be used to entertain and educate youth from the second and fourth grades as well. We hope that you and your children can learn to manage conflicts peacefully while also having a lot of fun with Maria and her friends.

Children learn in different ways. This program, with these exercises, takes this into account. Some children may find some activities fun and love to do them while others might not be able to do them. Try different activities and different approaches. You know what works best, but try new things to find out ways that children can learn.

If you are interested in implementing a conflict resolution program in your school or organization, please contact any of the conflict resolution organizations listed on the Resources section for more information.

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