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Conflict Resolution Theory

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The Teachers' Guide will walk you through the exercises contained on the website and will provide additional activities to be used in the classroom and home. The Educator's Guide is divided into four sections:

1. Conflict Resolution Education Overview - This section reviews the potential benefits both youth and adults gain from using the Think and Share negotiation process. This section will also review the underlying principles of conflict resolution education.

2. Activities - Here you will find additional activities that you can use in and out of the classroom to help youth build their peacemaking skills. The activities are divided into three subsections:

  • Skill-Building Exercises contains exercises that teach conflict resolution skills used throughout the Out on a Limb website.
  • Think and Share includes exercises around each step of the Think and Share process.
  • Handouts for the activities contained within the Activities section of the Teachers' Guide

3. Resources lists contact information for conflict resolution education organizations.

Enjoy Out on a Limb–A Guide to Getting Along and thanks for trying to give yourself and your children a new tool to help manage conflicts.

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