A Ten Point Guide for Creating a Fundable Organization

Securing Funding for your Organization

There is fierce competition for financial support from the private and philanthropic sectors. If you want to create an organization that potential funders are attracted to and interested in supporting, consider these ten guidelines.

  1. A clear vision and mission statement that can be clearly communicated by management and staff.
  2. Visible, committed and active board of directors.
  3. Organizational structure and management systems in place.
  4. Strong leadership with a proven track record to carry out the mission of the organization.
  5. Committed partnerships that have the capacity to implement project goals.
  6. Thorough knowledge of identified target population and geographic area that will be served.
  7. Awareness of the issues and gaps in services of the target population.
  8. Program designed based on successful models and input from key resources.
  9. Capacity and resources available to implement program goals and activities.
  10. Evaluation processes and identified impacts that are outcome based.


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