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Disaster Recovery

Five Steps to Follow in the Event of a Disaster

  1. Contact your Regional Director or Extension Administration by e-mail, phone, or fax to let them know that a disaster has occurred (or will occur) in your area
  2. Have someone from your office check e-mail, fax, or the Disaster Resources Web Site for the latest available information. In a large-scale emergency or disaster, the task force may post pertinent information on the web, via e-mail or fax. To access the latest information posted by the Disaster Readiness Task Force and other agencies (Illinois Emergency Management Agency, Federal Emergency Management Agency) go to the University of Illinois Extension Disaster Resource Web Site.
  3. Contact your local EMA coordinator and let them know that you are willing to help and/or let them know the kind of help you can provide Your local EMA coordinator will know the latest information being disseminated from the Illinois Emergency Management Agency. By working things out in advance, your EMA coordinator may simply want to be in touch with you by telephone, to request your presence on-site, or they may ask for your permission to use some University of Illinois Extension office equipment (for example, so they can have access to the Internet to see the latest postings).
  4. Implement your Disaster Operating Plan You should notify your staff, center, and regional director that your disaster operating plan is in effect, and pull together a team of unit staff, volunteers, and center educators to assess needs and to develop a plan of action. Members of the Disaster Readiness Task Force can assist in this planning. You should also coordinate your activities with other agencies and organizations involved in disaster recovery in your community, particularly the local chapter of the American Red Cross.
  5. In a federally declared disaster, inform state (IEMA) and federal (FEMA) personnel of your coordinated efforts with other disaster agencies and organizations If a disaster receives a presidential declaration and FEMA personnel are onsite, it would be helpful to informed them that University of Illinois Extension is a member of the UMA emergency team, has memoranda of understanding in place with the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, and the Illinois Association of Regional Councils, and is a member of the Illinois Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster group.

Prepared by Holly Hunts, Extension Specialist, University of Illinois Cooperative Extension Service, 1996.
Revised by the Disaster Readiness Task Force, March, 1997.
Revised by Aaron Ebata, April, 2001.

Additional revisions by Rick Atterberry, March 2006.

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