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Whether you're managing your family's farm or you're an avid supporter of greenspaces in urban areas, interest in expanding our understanding of the natural environment has never been higher. With an increased focus on sustainability, safety, and innovation, what we know about shepherding our energy and environmental resources has evolved rapidly in the past decade. If you've got questions about best practices in environmental stewardship, you'll appreciate that our information is based on peer-reviewed science - the gold standard in determining the credibility and reliability of information.

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Featured Resources

Living with Wildlife

Preventing problems with wildlife is simpler, and often cheaper, than dealing with wildlife damage.

Natural Resources and the Environment

Explore how plants, animals, and humans interact within ecosystems and how they each influence one another.

Living with White-tailed Deer

Collection of interesting facts and insights into the history and management of this animal common throughout Illinois.

Preventing West Nile Virus

This mosquito-borne virus is best handled as a preventative effort. Learn strategies for reducing your risk.