Stay Nourished When You're Not Feeling Well 

What do you eat when you are sick? Two important recommendations for feeling better faster are rest and hydration. Rest is essential for becoming well, and drinking more liquids is the next best step. Read our tips for what to eat when you're not feeling well.

 Tips for Increasing Hydration When Sick 

  • Keep water within reach 

  • Sliced citrus (oranges, lemons, limes) will add a burst of flavor and Vitamin C to water. Citrus may also help you recover faster. 

  • Tired of drinking water? Add a variety of liquids such as ginger ale and other clear fluids such as tea, apple juice, or any type of broth. 

  • Jell-O, popsicles, and frozen fruit bars will help with hydration. 

Your appetite may also be less than normal, so be purposeful in what you eat. Proper nutrition is important to provide the body with the energy to fight germs. 

Semi-homemade, Nutritious Meal Tips 

As your appetite returns, try shelf-stable convenience foods for a semi-homemade quick fix. Research shows warm fluids can help with congestion, and chicken soup is on the top of the list. Although homemade chicken broth tastes better, you may not feel like boiling a chicken and making the soup. Think semi-homemade, quick, and easy!  

  • Use low sodium chicken broth in a carton, add egg noodles, a few spices, and herbs, add frozen or canned veggies and boil on the stovetop for a quick, nourishing meal to feel better faster.  

  • Tomato soup with whole-grain crackers and a small side salad is another healthy option.  

  • Try brown rice, chicken with some favorite frozen veggies or microwave a baked potato, then top it with cheese and broccoli.  

  • Build in vegetables in all meals to help your body have the nutrition it needs to build your immunity.  

Food-Based Nutrients to Keep the Immune System Strong 

  • Zinc: Found in meat, poultry, breakfast cereal, almonds, yogurt, and cheddar cheese.  

  • Vitamin C: Found in bell and chili peppers, strawberries, citrus fruit, potatoes, and dark green vegetables.  

Snack Suggestions 

  • Keep dried fruit and nuts on hand for a quick and easy nutritious snack.  

  • Mix chopped dried fruit with nut butter and dry cereal for a nutrient-packed snack or add them to oatmeal or other whole-grained cereal.  

  • Make a smoothie with yogurt, milk, bananas, and your favorite fruit for a deliciously balanced meal.