Seasonal Food Favorites

Whet your appetite with these seasonal favorites

With the changing of the seasons, we yearn for our favorite seasonal foods. Illinois Extension answers all your questions about growing and eating some of our most favorite foods.

  • Apples & More: Get information about U-pick apple orchards, nutrition, varieties and selection, and fun activities for children.
  • Pumpkins & More: Did you know Illinois is the top pumpkin producing state? Learn about U-pick pumpkin farms, nutrition, varieties and selection, and fun activities for children.
  • Raspberries & More: Learn about varieties and selection, how to plant, and where to find nurseries and U-pick farms.
  • Strawberries & More: Your guide to growing strawberries, U-pick farms, nutrition, and selection and care.
  • Turkey for the Holidays: Need help with your holiday turkey? Get answers here: cooking techniques, leftover ideas, turkey facts, and much more.
  • Food Fun from Apples to Zucchini: Introduce elementary students to 37 different kinds of produce, many they may not know.