It's more than just what's for dinner.

Food brings families, friends, and communities together. When it comes to making food choices for you and your household, the possibilities seem endless, but not everything is safe, healthy, affordable, or accessible. Whether buying produce at a farmers market, starting a cottage food operation, or wanting to provide your family safe, nutritional foods preserved at home, count on Illinois Extension experts for the trusted solution.

Dig Deeper into these Food Topics

Someone buying food

Food Buying

It's a difficult time for the nation's dinner table. We may not be able to control the increases, but we can help you get the most nutritional quality your family deserves with the money you have to spend. Try these ideas for stretching your food dollars.

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Food preparation

Food Preparation

Not sure how to make mashed potatoes? Want to make the perfect cake? We have answers to all your food preparation questions. Illinois Extension has been helping people bake, and cook for more than 100 years.

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Preserved pickles in jars

Food Preservation

The art of food preservation is not as difficult as you might first believe. We'll take you through the journey, from the equipment you'll need to the step-by-step process.

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Food Safety

Foodborne illnesses are caused by eating food or drinks contaminated by pathogens. Protect your family, whether preparing food at home or when eating out.

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Food Waste

Try these easy tips to toss less food.

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Local food

Local Food Purchasing Assistance

The Local Food Purchasing Assistance program is an opportunity to unite Illinoisans invested in building a resilient food system and build a collaborative network of food system support.

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The foods we eat have a major impact on our health. It's sometimes hard to know the truth about nutrition. Illinois Extension can help you choose a healthy lifestyle

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Seasonal Food

Seasonal Food Favorites

With the changing of the seasons, we yearn for our favorite seasonal foods. Illinois Extension answers all your questions about growing and eating some of our most favorite foods.

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Local food market

Selling Food

Whether for a hobby or as a career, selling food grown or made in your home carries endless possibilities for enjoyment and profit. It also carries substantial responsibilities for the safety of the public who purchases and consumes your food products.

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