How to Enroll

STEP 1: Tell Us About Yourself

4-H offers many different ways to participate. Complete this short survey and a staff member will contact you soon. All information is confidential and only used to match your interests to your 4-H opportunities.

STEP 2: Pick Your 4-H Club

After you complete the survey, a staff member will help you find a local club. 4-H clubs meet in lots of places, such as members’ homes, schools, community centers, businesses, military bases, libraries, and other areas in the community where you live. 

Step 3: Pick Your Projects

4-H makes learning fun! A variety of projects are offered through 4-H so you can pick the ones that most interest you. Or you can find other young people with the same interest and study that topic with the help of a volunteer that shares the same interests. 4-H projects help members to learn by doing. You go at your own pace, set your own goals, and choose what you wish to learn. Here's a guide to all the projects you can take or go to our 4-H Project Page and get more details about each project.

Step 4: Enroll Online

4-H Online is our online enrollment system. The online system is easy to use and there are guides below that help step you through the process. Every change you make is dated, so you'll be sure to meet all registration deadlines.

A few tips for enrolling online: