Elementary School Educational Units

These educational units are ideally suited for elementary aged learners, typically kindergarten through 5th grades.



Energy and Environment

  • All-Star River Explorers: Discover the basics of rivers and how they are formed. 
  • Riding the Winds with Kalani: This weather adventure teaches about temperature, clouds, precipitation, and Earth movement. Spanish, Chinese, and Korean versions available
  • Trees are Terrific: Designed to help young children gain an appreciation of trees, observe trees in their every day lives and develop an interest in learning more about trees. Spanish version available
  • Weather and Climate Explorer: Collection of external resources on weather, climate, and climate change, searchable by grade level, geographic scale, topic, learning mode, and time to complete.
  • Pollution Explorer: Collection of external resources on pollution prevention, searchable by grade level, location, topic, learning mode, and time to complete.
  • Nutrient Explorer: Collection of external resources on water quality and nutrient runoff, searchable by grade level, topic, learning mode, and time to complete.


Family Life

  • Best of Friends: Kids and Dogs: This website helps children learn about dogs, the responsibility of caring for dogs and how to be safe around them.



  • Adventures of Herman: Squirmin' Herman the Worm teaches students all about worms and how to make their own worm bin in this interactive curriculum.
  • Great Plant Escape: Join Detective LePlant and his partners Bud and Sprout as they uncover the mysteries of plant life.
  • Let's Talk about Insects: Join C.P. to learn the benefits of insects, their basic anatomy, and what makes an insect an insect. You can even create a new insect!
  • Secret Life of Trees: Learn all about the parts of a tree and why trees are important to us!
  • Trees Are Terrific: Travel with Pierre as you learn all about how trees are important to us!


Nutrition and Wellness