Health at Home Webinar Series

Food choices can help improve your heart health!

Take steps today to help manage conditions like high cholesterol and high blood pressure by exploring key nutrients for improving heart health in our free, online series led by University of Illinois Extension nutrition and wellness educators. Each session in the four-part Health at Home: Healthy Eats for a Healthy Beat series includes:

  • Tips and resources for heart-healthy food choices
  • Virtual cooking demonstrations
  • Q&A with Extension nutrition and wellness educators

Register in advance for one or more sessions in this series:

Webinar Recordings and Handouts

February 18 | Get the Scoop on Sodium (Handouts) (Recording) 
Do you or someone you care for have high blood pressure? Have you been told to “cut back on sodium”? Join us for this webinar and learn what sodium is and how to identify high-sodium foods. Along with our research-based education, we will be cooking live! Watch us prepare an easy recipe that can help you cut back on sodium. After, stay on for Q&A. Please join us and “get the scoop on sodium”.

February 25 | Facts on Fats (Handouts) (Recording)
Fats provide body fuel, help absorb some nutrients, and add flavors to foods. In this session, we will discuss types of fats and their roles in heart health and explore ways to adapt recipes to be lower in fat or use more heart-healthy fats.

March 04 | Focus on Fiber (Handouts) (Recording) 
Focus on fiber to fight disease! We can all benefit from incorporating more fiber-rich foods into our diet, but most Americans are missing the mark. Not only does a high-fiber diet promote heart health, but it also supports a healthy gut microbiome and reduces your risk for diabetes. This session will cover the different types of fiber, the best sources, and simple ways to make your meals and snacks fiber-rich.

March 11 | Life is Sweet: Eat Smart for Your Heartbeat (Handouts) (Recording)
Sugar is so delectably good, undeniably satisfying, and lusciously sweet. However, when it comes to health, sugar has a bittersweet reputation. Learn how to identify added and natural sugars in your diet, increase your knowledge of the nutrition facts label, and gain helpful tips in limiting added sugar to keep your heart beating strong.