Illinois Extension and the Data-intensive Farm Management Revolution

Project Overview

A tool to help farmers turn on-farm experiments into profitable decisions

Inefficient application of nitrogen fertilizer on farm fields lowers both farm income and water quality. This project will test and refine a new decision tool software package designed to enable extension personnel and certified crop advisors (CCAs) to discuss nitrogen management with farmers, based on data from their own farms. It will also offer training to Extension professionals to train CCAs to run on-farm trials with their farmer clients, and use the resulting data to improve input management.

Research Team

  • Principal Investigator: N. Dennis Bowman, Commercial Agriculture Extension Educator
  • Co-Principal Investigators: David Bullock, Professor, Agricultural and Consumer Economics; Nicolas Martin, Assistant Professor, Crop Sciences
  • Collaborators: Shaowen Wang, Professor, Geography and Geographic Information Science; Phillip Alberti,  Commercial Agriculture Extension Educator; Talon Becker, Commercial Agriculture Extension Educator; Russel Higgins, Commercial Agriculture Extension Educator; Jessica Soule, Commercial Agriculture Extension Educator