Supporting Small Business in your Community

  • Shop Local: It's not just a Christmas Thing: "Studies have shown a multiplier of as much as seven in larger communities, but for rural areas, it may be more like a multiplier of one or two simply because there are not that many places any more to turn the money over and keep it going…however, every time you do keep the money local, it supports the community, supports the tax base again and goes back into the community. When the money leaves, that multiplier is zero.
  • Promoting and Supporting your Local Business
  • What Is a Creative Economy? Are you interested in learning the how-to’s & possibilities of developing a creative economy in your community?
  • Your Creative Business Ready to turn your creative passion into a business? Are you an artist, musician, designer (any type), writer, specialty food producer, retailer or other creative type? This four-part series uses a unique teaching methodology to demonstrate business skills to the "right-brain" student. Learn to make money with your art and have fun doing it!


Small Business Education

Examples from the Field


Small Business Development Resources

Assess your small business development needs. 

  • Business Community Needs Assessment
  • Countywide Business Assessment
  • Local Consumer Survey
  • Simple Local Business Survey
  • Millennial Survey