El Gran Escape de la Planta

Caso 1 - The Classroom Environment

The El Gran Escape de la Planta Laboratory is an area that can be set up in the classroom for students to use while doing the various projects. Because a number of the projects involve the growing of plants, it would be a good idea to locate an area that has good light. Window sills that have a southern exposure are idea. West windows are second best. If natural light is not available or is insufficient, fluorescent light fixtures will provide adequate light. Place the light fixtures about 6-10 inches above the plants and leave them on for 14-16 hours a day. To protect the area from water damage, pots and other plant containers can be placed on a plastic tray. To generate interest in the area, have students design signs or other identifying artwork to be placed around the El Gran Escape de la Planta Laboratory. Some signs could explain that a mystery is being worked on.

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