Decoding That Diet You Saw on the Internet: Vegetarian, Vegan, and Paleo Diets - Sept 23

Are vegans always healthier? Are we supposed to eat like our ancestors during the hunting and gathering era? Join registered dietitian Ru Liu to learn about the vegan, vegetarian, and paleo diets, and gain the tools to decide whether those diets are for you.

Taste the Rainbow: A brief Overview of Carotenoids in Your Diet, Body, and Life - Sept 30

Nature and the foods we eat encompass a wide spectrum of colors. But what is responsible for the colors we eat? In this seminar, we will discuss carotenoids: what they are, where we see them in our daily life, their benefits for our health, and how to incorporate them into our diet. Join neuroscience PhD student Corinne Cannavale to learn more about these amazing nutrients!

Healthy Habits: Building Budget-Friendly Meals and Tracking Your Progress - Oct 7

It can sometimes seem costly to incorporate healthy meals into your daily routine, but does it have to be this way? Recognizing the need for cheaper meals, health professionals have prioritized healthful eating and have increasingly used web-based and mobile apps to aid with building a healthier and more economical menu. Join nutritional sciences graduate student Jonathan Cerna to learn more about resources that can make it easier to eat healthy on a budget.

Active Aging: Using Exercise to Maintain Health Across the Lifespan - Oct 21

Wondering how active you should be during your lifespan? Should we be running a 5k every morning or is it enough to go on a 10 minute walk? Join kinesiology student, Shelby Keye, to learn about the current physical activity guidelines for all ages and how they can be beneficial for you.

Fermented Foods: What do they do? - Oct 28

Have you seen kimchi, kombucha, kefir, soy sauce, or probiotic supplements recently for sale at the grocery store? They might claim to improve your gut microbiome, help you think more clearly, and improve your health. Learn how to decifer fact from fiction with enthusiast, fermenter, and nutritional sciences PhD student Breanna Metras. Join us and learn how to run some experiments in your own home and understand what the science really says these foods can do for you.

Block the Bite: A guide to Commonly Encountered Ticks and How to Protect Yourself and Your Family - Nov 4

Ticks suck...literally. But which ones transmit which diseases, and what are safe and effective methods to prevent them from biting? Tick ecologist Heather Kopsco will teach you when and where you can expect to find these potentially dangerous pests when outdoors, and simple ways to keep your family protected (pets, included!).


Dietary Defense: How nutrition Can Impact Immunity - Nov 11

COVID-19 has caused a sizeable increase to the already leading cause of infectious disease mortality in the world: viral respiratory infections. Luckily for us, there are steps we can take to reduce our risk of contracting an infection and susceptibility to severe illness. Join nutritional sciences PhD student Noah Hutchinson as he outlines important evidence-based aspects of nutrition and day-to-day habits that can put you in the best position to maintain a healthy immune system and minimize your risk of contracting an infection.

Staying Sharp: Maintaining Brain Health As You Age - Nov 18

Aging is inevitable, but there are many things we can do to maintain brain health as we get older. Join neuroscientist Mickeal Key to learn about how and why the brain changes with age, how these changes can impact daily life, and what healthy habits can help you maintain brain health.