Jump Rope Snacks

Trail Mix

Mixing bowls & spoons
Small paper or plastic cups
1 box square shaped cereal (Chex, Oatmeal Squares, Life)
1 box ring shaped cereal (Cheerios)
2 or 3 of the following – raisins, dried fruit, nuts (any variety), chocolate chips, M&M’s, mini-marshmallows, or Goldfish crackers
100% fruit juice

1. Place 1/2 box square cereal and 1/2 box ring cereal into a mixing bowl.
2. Then add 1/2 the total of other items that they chose to put in the snack.
3. Stir the mix with a mixing spoon.
4. Portion out a small amount of the mix into a paper cup for each person to snack on.
5. Serve with 6 oz. fruit juice.

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