Alternative Housing encompasses many new systems that are being used for livestock production. Below you can find new information from U of I Extension on a variety of alternative structures and housing options.

Past Presentations and Historic Information

Hoop Barn Construction Series (Dr. Morgan Hayes)

When I am not working as an agricultural engineer, I spend my free time farming on a cattle and hay operation.  Recently, we have been working to expand the hay sales, and last year we decided to put up 2 new hoop barns.  Previously we had 1 hoop barn on the property that was put up by a company. We decided to expand the hay storage for a total of 3 hoop barns.  In order to reduce costs we decided to provide the labor.  I will give some reflections on the process of installing hoop barns.  I have broken down the process into 4 steps: 

1. Site selection and preparation

2. Setting posts and constructing the knee wall

3. Installing the ribs and pulling the tarp

4. Final site preparation

Alternative Cow-Calf Housing Options

Recent presentations that were given at the 2015 Beef and Beyond conference in Champaign, IL are below. 

Confinement: Cow-Calf Operations Spacing and Ventilation. Dr. Morgan Hayes

Confinement: Cow-Calf Operations Manure Management and Bedding. Ms. Laura Pepple