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Managing your personal finances is a skill that will serve you well at every stage of your life. Whether you're saving for a new house, trying to put your kids through college, or just working to create a little more breathing room in your monthly budget, Illinois Extension has a collection of resources that will give you tips, strategies, and insights into some of the best practices of effectively managing your money. 


Let's Talk Money Webinar Series


When it comes to talking about money, a lack of financial knowledge and the uneasiness of discussing sensitive issues keeps some people silent and risks the financial health of many families. Let's Talk Money is a free 8-week online series offered by University of Illinois Extension consumer economics professionals to help families begin talking about important financial matters. 

Register online or visit the link for a full list of topics and dates. 

Financial Wellness Checkup 


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Over the past few months, the economic climate has shifted dramatically with high unemployment rates and other levels of financial instability. The 5-week Financial Wellness Checkup social media campaign starts on July 6 and aims to provide practical tips and resources for consumers as they work to manage their finances and improve their overall well-being. Each week features a new theme, with daily posts and resources. Topics include credit management, easy estate planning, planning for back-to-school, tackling financial exploitation, and growing your savings. To follow the daily posts, please join us on our Around the Table Facebook page.

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Introducing youth to topics such as setting financial goals (e.g., buying concert tickets, a new gadget), saving, spending, borrowing, and protecting personal identifying information prepare them to make financial decisions that support their overall financial well-being as adults. Knowing how to create a spending plan, open a bank account, and locate funding for post-secondary education or training are skills that are valuable to students while they are in school. University of Illinois Extension Consumer Economics program aims to fill the gap that exists between financial literacy in school and the effects it has on later life.

The Money Mentors program helps people develop and maintain important money management skills that support their financial goals. We train volunteers to provide one-on-one financial mentoring to community members and offer community outreach. Volunteers help build financial capacities in our local communities. They work with individuals who have requested help with managing their personal finances. To learn more about volunteering, visit the Money Mentors page. 

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Mentee Participants work with their mentors to:

  • clarify your financial goals;
  • identify steps towards your goals;
  • receive quality educational materials, and
  • benefit from your mentor, providing timely feedback as you progress towards your goals.

To become a Mentee, please register here.