Health at Home Holiday Edition
Health at Home Holiday Edition

Presented in winter 2020

Jolly Good Cooking (Handouts(Recording)
Join us for our pop-up event! Unwrap some fun, festive holiday cooking ideas. Learn quick substitutes, swaps, and the secrets to downsizing favorite family recipes.

Balancing Extra Calories through the Holidays (Handouts) (Recording)
Is the Elf on the Shelf hiding extra calories in your holiday foods? Learn some tips to enjoy your favorites along with a dash of physical activity. Keep your tinsel toes moving into the new year!

Making a List & Checking it Twice (Handouts) (Recording) 
Feeling overwhelmed with the holiday season? Take back control and stay on track as you reign in some of the chaos by making a list and simplifying your life. Join us to learn simple steps you can take to decrease stress and enjoy the holidays.

Managing Diabetes in a Modern World
Managing Diabetes in the Modern World, Take the First Step

Presented in fall 2020

Take the First Step (Recording)
In our series kick-off, we will dive into what it means to have diabetes, what is going on in your body, and the next steps. This session will help set you up for success in setting realistic personal goals related to what you eat and being more active with diabetes in mind.

Choose It, Count It, Eat It! (Recording)
Sustain, nourish, and enjoy eating while you keep on track for managing diabetes. Choose your meal wisely, count it accurately, and enjoy eating what you cooked or ordered. Learn about meal planning tools and counting carbohydrate servings

Making the Most of Your Diabetes Resources (Recording)
In this session, explore the different resources, services, and supports related to diabetes that you and anyone in your life can use. From websites, books, and classes to insurance-covered education classes and diabetes footwear, we will cover a variety of resources you can use to manage your health better. 

Fat, Sodium & Sugar-Oh My! (Recording)
Learn about the different types of fat, which ones you should limit, and how to include more of the good stuff. You’ll also walk away with strategies to enhance flavor in your meals while keeping sodium and sugar at a low. 

Manage Your Risk (Recording)
Uncontrolled diabetes puts you at risk for many chronic health conditions. During this session, we will discuss the importance of talking with your healthcare team, how high blood sugars impact your health, and what you should be aware of when you are feeling ill.

Fill Your Pantry
Fill Your Pantry webinar series

Presented in summer 2020

Canning Foods (Recording) (Handouts) 
What is the difference between pressure canning and water bath canning? What equipment do I need? What recipes are safe to use? This webinar answers these questions, along with up-to-date information on canning. Whether you are new to canning or have been doing it for years and want a refresher, all are welcome to join! 

Freezing Foods (Recording) (Handouts) 
Freezing foods at home is simple and require equipment you likely already have in your kitchen. For the best quality frozen fruits and vegetables, it is not enough to simply add foods to your freezer. In this webinar, learn which foods do freeze well, why blanching improves frozen food quality, the process of freezing at home, and more. 

Fermenting Foods (Recording) (Handouts) (Recipes)
Fermentation is growing in popularity as a way to create foods and drinks with probiotic properties for healthy gut microbes and as a method of home food preservation. In this webinar, learn the fundamentals and benefits of Lacto-fermentation; learn how to safely ferment at home, and gain the confidence to get started right away! Fermentation is an easy and economical way to preserve your food with added health benefits. 

Drying Foods (Recording) (Handouts) (Frequently Asked Questions) 
Dried foods make tasty, compact snacks. From jerky to dried fruit, dehydrating at home is easy to do. In this webinar, learn about up-to-date drying methods and equipment, ways to test for sufficient drying, and ways to use dried foods in recipes. 

Making Jams & Jellies (Recording) (Handouts)
Make a sweet spread, such as jams and jellies, at home with your favorite berries and other fruits. Though sweet spreads are a popular home canned item, it is important to follow up-to-date canning processes and use appropriate equipment. Join in this webinar to learn step-by-step how to can jams and jellies at home, as well as troubleshooting challenges that may arise, such as unset jellies. 

Pickling Foods (Recording) (Handouts)
Pickling is an ancient form of food preservation that involves the process of preserving or extending the shelf life of food by either anaerobic fermentation in brine or immersion in vinegar. Join us as we share information on basic pickling methods using the latest scientific methods to ensure food safety. 

Preserving Apples (Recording) (Handouts) 
Apples are ripening in Illinois orchards.  Learn about the varieties of apples along with preservation methods.  We will discuss juicing, freezing, canning, and dehydrating apples.  All this information will include the most current science-based preservation methods and highlight food safety.  Join us and learn to preserve this delicious seasonal fruit with confidence. 

Processing Tomatoes (Recording) (Handouts)
Do you expect an abundance of tomatoes in your garden, but you aren’t sure what to do with them? Whether canning, freezing or drying, it’s important to follow up-to-date methods. You’ll learn all about canning salsa, the variety of ways to water bath or pressure can tomatoes, dehydrating this luscious fruit, and how to freeze for best results! 

Health at Home
Health at Home - Food Waste

Presented in spring 2020: 

Food Rescue at Home: Reducing Food Waste and Reusing Leftovers (Recording(Handouts) 
Reducing food waste is a shared responsibility. Learn what you can do to reduce food waste at home, save money, and protect the environment. 

Emotional Eating: Understanding How Stress Impacts Hunger and Appetite (Recording)
Increase your awareness of how emotions and stress affect eating habits, increase your ability to identify emotional triggers leading to emotional eating and learn effective practices to reach your wellness goals.

The Science Behind Popular Eating Trends (Recording(Handouts)
Join us to explore these eating styles and learn the pros and cons of current diet trends. Plus, explore the eating plans which are evidence-based such as Mediterranean, DASH, and the USDA MyPlate.

Every Step Counts: Getting the Most Out of Activity Trackers (Recording(Handouts)
Every step counts! Activity trackers give you an accurate count for steps, heart rate, and sleep. They are also fun; they get you off the couch and moving!

Take Your Kitchen Appliances Out for a Spin (Recording(Handouts)
Did you get an electric pressure cooker as a gift and not sure what to do with it? We will share tips and tricks, recipes, and food safety information, all to make your life easier, and your meal plans varied! 

Diabetes: Practicing Self-care During Difficult Times (Recording)
Managing stress during difficult times is challenging for everyone; however, if you or a loved one has
diabetes, it is even more important to be intentional about managing stress. 

Cooking For One (Recording) (Handouts)
Single-person households are on the rise and forecast to grow over the next 15 years! Cooking for one can be creative and rewarding with or without leftovers. Indulge, choose what you like to cook, and get the good smells going in your kitchen! Join us and learn some new ways to plan, shop, prepare, and enjoy meals on the smaller side.