Jennifer Banda

Champaign County 4-H Youth Development Program Coordinator
801 N. Country Fair Drive, Champaign, IL 61802
(217) 333-1047
Affiliated Content Areas
4-H Youth Development

Jennifer Banda serves as the Champaign County Extension Program Coordinator for programming in 4-H Youth Development. She works with the county educator to coordinate programming in Champaign County. Jennifer is a Ford County native and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Leadership and Science Education from the University of Illinois. She has a variety of experiences in both the agriculture and education industries. Jennifer was formerly a high school agriculture teacher and has also worked in a variety of agricultural areas. She is passionate about working within her community and fulfilling needs. She enjoys garden education, STEM, and college/career readiness topics. Jennifer has worked with area Extension leaders to develop programs for schools and teachers, including the 4-H Drones in Ag Unit, developed to fit into high school agriculture classes. She hopes to continue this type of work throughout her time with Extension to help youth learn and grow through 4-H experiences.