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4 seasons gardening winter webinars
Get the dirt on growing healthy plants
URBANA, Ill. – Become a better gardener and find success nurturing plants indoors and out. Learn best practices for home gardening from University of Illinois Extension horticulture educators in the Four Seasons Gardening webinar series that begins...
trees damaged by storm
Prepare your trees for severe weather
URBANA, Ill. – Spring showers, summer thunderstorms, a winter dusting of snow; these are familiar weather events for Midwesterners, but as climate changes so do weather events. Extreme weather is increasing in Illinois. Over the past 120 years, significant changes have occurred that are...
watering can with flowers in top
Keep garden, plants hydrated going into fall
URBANA, Ill. – This summer has brought drought to many parts of Illinois. Most gardeners are aware that plants need water to thrive, but it can be helpful to review the ins and outs of garden hydration to ensure the best results.  “Many environmental conditions factor into plant survival...
Trim trees, shrubs in the dormant season for stronger, healthier plants
URBANA, Ill. – Throughout the growing season, gardeners and arborists talk about the benefits of pruning woody ornamentals while they are dormant, and that time is almost here. “Pruning can seem like a daunting task, but it is an important cultural practice for the health and vigor of...

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