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CNMP Development Course

The CNMP Course has been postponed for Fall 2013. We plan on offering this at a later date in 2014.

About the Course

The Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP) Development Course is being offered in coordination with University of Illinois and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). The course is based on the CNMP Core Curriculum training materials developed by Iowa State University, Michigan State University, Purdue University, The University of Idaho, The University of Tennessee, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Course participants will learn how to prepare CNMPs that meet current NRCS CAP 102 guidelines. In addition to learning the development process, students will also get the opportunity to develop a CNMP during the course and have it reviewed by instructors. Course participates will receive training that is applicable to the state of Illinois and similar surrounding states in the Midwest, as well as hands on experience developing a real plan for a dairy operation in central Illinois.

This short course is composed of two parts. Part 1, is a 4-week online webinar series that covers the fundamentals of CNMP development. The webinars are pre-recorded by the instructors, so students will be able to watch them when it is convenient. Part 2, is a two-day hands-on field experience held after the webinar series has ended. During the two-day event, students will learn the CNMP development processes that could not be taught during the webinar series, such as RUSLE2, site evaluation, nutrient management planning exercises, and CNMP construction. 

Those Attending Will Learn

CNMP plan preparation
NRCS conservation planning processes and resources
Applicable national and state regulations
Storage system sizing and existing system evaluation
Land treatment practices
Nutrient management budgeting
Manure application logistics
Feed management for reducing manure nutrients
Constructing and formatting a CNMP
Familiarity with RUSLE2

Who Should Attend

  • Agronomists, engineers, and consultants involved in nutrient management planning for livestock producers.
  • Regulators involved in permitting or evaluating nutrient management plans, manure management plans and/or comprehensive nutrient management plans.
  • Individuals involved in the development of nutrient management plans, manure management plans and/or comprehensive nutrient management plans.

TSP Certification Fulfillment

This CNMP Development Course provides the training component of the required criteria for Technical Service Provider (TSP) certification. Completion of the course will fulfill the TSP CAP CNMP certification requirement for “a training course that meets all of the general requirements for all CNMP certified specialist categories as well as the specific requirements for each element” and “an equivalent NRCS approved Conservation Planning Training.” Specifically, this course provides the required training for the following TSP certification categories:

CNMP Plan Development – Land Treatment category
CNMP Plan Development – Nutrient Management category
CNMP Plan Development – Manure and Wastewater Handling and Storage category
CNMP Plan Development – *Feed Management category
CNMP Plan Approval
CAP-CNMP (102)

This course is not a certification program, in order to become a certified TSP in an above category student must apply through the Tech Reg website. Upon course completion students will receive a certificate and will be able to apply for certification in the above categories.

* Participants seeking to be certified in the CNMP Plan Development – Feed Management category, and consequently the CNMP Plan Development – Plan Approval and CAP-CNMP categories through TechReg in other states, they may need to complete additional training in feed management technologies and feeding techniques

Certified Crop Advisor Continuing Education

International certified crop advisor continuing education units (CEUs) have been applied for to the International CCA Board for this course. It is anticipated that 20 CCA CEUs (9 in the soil and water area and 11 in nutrient management) will be approved for this course. Webinars are also available individually for CEU credit. Number of CEU credits subject to change.

Continuing Professional Ed. Requirements for Professional Engineers

Professional engineering registrants in many states are required to complete continuing professional education. This course will provide up to 24 hours of professional development (2.4 CEUs) toward these professional engineering continuing education requirements. Please check with your state PE registration board to confirm acceptance in your state.  

Prerequisites for Course

There are two course prerequisites for students looking for TSP certification. Students must have completed Conservation Planning Modules 1-5 and the TSP Orientation available through the Ag Learn website.

For more information on the course, please email Laura Pepple at