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4-H is a fun adventure every day. Meet new friends, across the street and across the state. Explore careers. Win prizes. Build robots. Innovate. Teach. Create. Bake. Craft. Dream. Grow. Serve. In 4-H, you decide what your club does, with the help of caring adult leaders. The more you do, the greater your chances at earning college scholarships and trips to national conferences. 4-H is the place where you belong and are part of a life-changing group of friends. It's where you decide what matters most to you and learn about things that interest you. And, it's the place where you serve in the community where you live.

Parents, in 4-H, your child will build skills they’ll need to be successful—at home, school, and in their community while they explore amazing careers opportunities. 4-H mentors empower young people to set goals and achieve big dreams. Your child will feel safe and welcomed while they pursue personal interests and build confidence in their skills. 4-H serves all youth from age 5 to 18.  

You may think that 4-H is just for kids who live on farms. That’s just not true! Although 4-H started on farms, it's expanded as families have moved to urban areas. Although some 4-H members own livestock animals, lots of members choose other projects such as aerospace, visual arts, gardening, photography, or robotics. 

You Matter to Us

We welcome all young people. Any youth, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, marital status, familial status, sexual orientation, or disability may enroll as a 4-H member. A youth who enrolls in a 4-H club must attend at least one meeting, tour, workshop or other activity of that club to be called a 4-H member. And, 4-H members must be enrolled in at least one project. A young person can be a member of multiple 4-H clubs within a county in Illinois. Youth are expected to join the 4-H program in the county where they live.

Our Impact in Empowering & Preparing Youth For Success

Eichelberger gift benefits camp

Longtime Illinois 4-H supporter Lila Jeanne Eichelberger was honored at a ceremony at 4-H Memorial Camp during the dedication of a hands-on, multi-purpose learning facility, which bears

Turn your Wednesdays into Monday

You see, the 4-H fair isn't just about your project. It's about learning to deal what life throws at you, with failure and success and everything in between.

Animal Stewardship Matters

Farming is filled with opportunities for life lessons, but that's nothing new to farm families. We have lessons for breakfast! Let's review some important lessons for this show season.

What Comes Next

Wherever and whatever next means for you, let 4-H carry you through the challenging days. Never doubt you are well prepared for what comes next.

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Online Enrollment

Families may complete all their enrollment, payments, and project selections at 4-H Online.

Club Meeting Resources

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4-H Teen Leadership

Choose from 6 different leadership roles in 4-H: Plan, Promote, Teach, Mentor, Advise, Advocate

4-H Member Projects

Learn to build, create, innovate, bake, design, repair, grow, and perform in your 4-H project.