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Summer is short. Spend it enjoying time with family and friends. We've already done the hard work developing solutions for life's hiccups that help you strengthen relationships, build prosperity, ignite economic development, nurture health, and safeguard our natural resources. At Illinois Extension, we know that your time is valuable, that's why we provide unbiased, research-based solutions that's easy to find, easy to use, and easy to understand. Get on with living. 

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yellow daffodil flowers in bloom

Dig into Spring

Start the growing season off right with expert advice from the spring edition of Gardeners Corner. Explore new flower and vegetable varieties, how to read a seed packet, and more.
herbicide sprayer spraying over wheat

Take a Pesticide Applicator Test

The Pesticide Safety Education Program is offering in person and online training and certification now through March to help Applicators and Operators meet their goals.
plants growing in dirt Everyday Environment

Help the Environment

Small changes in your personal life can have positive impacts on the environment. Explore how prescribed burns work, how to build better soils, and more.
Recent News
weather map of Illinois showing normal vs observed precipitation levels

Illinois at increased risk of drought conditions

Parts of northeast, western, and central Illinois have been much drier than normal in the past 4 to 6 weeks, causing dry soils and lower streamflow. Perennials, gardens, and young trees in these areas have begun to show some response to the dryness, requiring more frequent watering than typical…

young man and woman hold flat of freshly picked produce in a garden

What’s in a name? The roots of fruit and vegetable names are long and intertwined

URBANA, Ill. – While Ireland is known for potatoes and Italy for its tomato-based sauces, many iconic fruits and vegetables have a tangled global history that has led to what ends up in your garden or on your plate. If someone says aubergine and you say eggplant, or maybe chickpeas and garbanzo…

Red automated tractor driving through roadway near field.

Automated agricultural machinery requires new approaches to ensuring safety

URBANA, Ill. — From self-driving tractors to weeding robots and AI-powered data collection, automated machinery is revolutionizing agricultural production. While these technological advancements can greatly improve productivity, they also raise new questions about safety measures and regulations…

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There is so much you want to do, but the challenges of time, distance, and cost create barriers to achieving those goals. You need a program that's flexible to your schedule. Learn @ Illinois Extension helps remove those challenge by offering flexible online learning programs that meet your personal interests and continuing education requirements. We provide learning on your terms so you can be who you were meant to be. 

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