In the season of change, know we're still here for you.


You're so ready for change.

We feel that, too — that nip in the air as summer heat changes to autumn cool. New schools, new jobs, new town, new adventures, new relationships. Whatever the change in your life this fall, you can always turn to Extension for reliable and relatable information you can trust. You were made for change, and we were made for you. 

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Trust these holiday recipes from Extension

Don't experiment with your turkey


We know how stressful the holiday season can be. Illinois Extension has advice to make the holidays go more smoothly. Prepare a delicious turkey meal the safe and simple way so your holidays are full of fun, not stress. 

Connect. Learn. Grow.

Thanksgiving table with turkey, pecan pie, sweet potatoes, salad, potatoes, cranberries

Make Your Thanksgiving Feast

Prepare a delicious turkey meal in the safest way possible so your holidays are full of fun, not stress.
stack of firewood

Be Safe with Firewood

As energy prices increase, more people are using firewood as a supplemental heating source. Illinois Extension has safety tips for choosing and burning firewood for your home.
diseases under microscope

Don't Get Sick this Fall

Say yes to being healthy. It's time for your annual flu vaccination. Don't waste the fall being sick.
Recent News
Person talking in a microphone in the front of seated guests.

New Funding, New Brand: I-Regen

URBANA, Ill. — The Illinois Regenerative Agriculture Initiative (IRAI) marks the successful completion of its first three years with a new name: I-Regen. The name change reflects an ongoing commitment to the future of regenerative agriculture in the Midwest. I-Regen encourages diversified value…

Group of people on a farm tour standing listening to a speaker

Getting agriculture carbon market questions answered

URBANA, Ill. — When looking to adopt new agricultural practices, it is helpful to hear about experiences from neighbors and locate resources to answer questions. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Illinois Extension, and Illinois Sustainable Ag Partnership provided that opportunity at an…

Recycled phosphorus fertilizer in hands  - Struvite

Recycled phosphorus fertilizer reduces nutrient leaching, maintains yield

URBANA, Ill. — A promising new form of ammonium phosphate fertilizer has been field-tested by University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign researchers. The fertilizer, struvite, offers a triple win for sustainability and crop production, as it recycles nutrients from wastewater streams,…

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Spotlight on Natural Resources

Join us this week as we chat with Dr. Joy O'Keefe about bats of Illinois and what we can do to support them. Bats are essential to a healthy ecosystem, as they eat insects that are pests to trees, crops, and us. Most bats use trees as their daytime roosts during spring, summer, and fall. If...
Spotlight on Natural Resources Podcast

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