The work of Illinois Extension is done by a large team of professionals who are as committed to their professional area of practice as they are to improving the lives of people across the state of Illinois. That is a powerful combination that leads to both innovation and excellence in how our programs are designed and executed. 

Many of our core program areas have national associations that serve extension professionals across the country.

National Associations

The Illinois Joint council of Extension Professionals (ILJCEP) consists of the leadership of the five Extension professional associations and is focused on helping University of Illinois Extension staff members meet the educational needs of the citizens and families of Illinois.

ILJCEP member associations collaborate on:

  1. professional development of staff,
  2. educational programming for staff,
  3. legislative efforts, and
  4. staff recognition.

ILJCEP Member Associations

These associations are primarily for Extension employees and provide continuing education and networking statewide and nationally with Extension educators/agents working in the same fields.

Additional Resources for Extension Professionals