There is no one size fits all when it comes to families. 

In today's hectic lives, families find themselves parenting children, helping teens cope with changing emotions, caring for extended family or community members, and working to strengthen personal relationships. Wearing all those hats can be stressful. Illinois Extension experts help you to handle life's ups and downs. Together, we'll build inclusive communities that support the wellbeing and quality of life you desire.

You choose how you learn.
Watch a video. Read a blog. Attend a workshop.

Aging is part of living. Do it well. What you do today influences your future. Learn how to take care of yourself now to embrace aging and grow gracefully, successfully, and with increased longevity. Be physically and mentally ready to embrace aging with open arms.

Caregivers Need Care, TooIt’s a big task. The roles and responsibilities you have as a caregiver can be overwhelming. The hours spent in caregiving often leave little time for leisure and getting away. Illinois Extension wants you to know you aren't alone. We have resources to support you so you don't become ill while caring for your loved one. 

Parenting. Discuss feelings and concerns as a family. Communication has two parts — talking and listening. Each must occur for communication to be successful. As families undergo changes in their lives and experience stress, they need to talk about them. 

Relationships. Maintaining a strong relationship with your spouse, parents, or children can be a challenge. And when you need help, getting trustworthy, effective relationship support can be just as challenging. Relationship education can help you build the life you deserve. 

Living Well. Small changes can make big impact. Extension offers practical advice for organizing your home, making joyful choices, and taking adventures you're always wanted to take. 

No one is immune to feeling stressed. Eustress or positive stress can help motivate us to do well and get things accomplished. But, if we accumulate stress and not manage it effectively or find an outlet for it, it can become chronic and have adverse effects on our minds and bodies. Illinois Extension can help you become mindful of daily stressors and provide strategies. 

Tips For Families. We have advice for help you make sound financial decisions for your family, while you keep them safe and healthy. 

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