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Wellness Wake Up Call

Nutrition and wellness educator Kristin Bogdonas provides timely news, information, ideas to promote healthy living in the Quad Cities and beyond. Wellness Wake Up Call is produced by WVIK in partnership with University of Illinois Extension.
Men are less likely to seek medical treatment compared to women, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, men live five or six years less than women. Learn about 3 lifestyle habits for healthy living. 
wellness wakeup call

Good Growing

Talking all things horticulture, ecology, and design.
This week on the Good Growing podcast we bring you a short gardenbite explaining what causes blossom end rot and why throwing eggshells in the planting hole at the beginning of the growing season might not be doing anything to help. Nick Frillman talks about calcium, tomatoes, and the best...
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Voice of the Wild

Wildlife is all around us. Join Voice of the Wild every Friday to explore a new wild song. From time to time, we’ll also do a deep dive into wildlife science, news, and natural history. Subscribe for email updates at go.illinois.edu/SubscribeVoiceofWild.
Learn the song and call of the Red-eyed vireo (Vireo olivaceus). 

A key member of the summer orchestra, you’ll hear this common gray and olive bird on nearly every hike. It sings throughout the day, every day, seemingly every minute. Uttering short little...
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Spotlight on Natural Resources

We cover a wide range of topics that help you become an advocate for our planet.
Clam, Mollusk, Mussel, or Muscle? Let's unravel the mystery! Join us in this podcast episode as we delve into the captivating world of Illinois freshwater mussels. Whether you're gliding along a river or strolling by a stream, the remarkable underwater life beneath the surface may surprise you...
Spotlight on Natural Resources Podcast

Behind the Clover: Real 4-H Talk with Real 4-H Pros

Join us each month as we invite experienced staff from Illinois 4-H and beyond to share their stories, experiences, and insights about the world of 4-H.
Learn about the day-to-day of someone in the Extension Program Coordinator (EPC) position in Illinois 4-H! Megan Pierson, EPC from Clay County, joins your hosts to talk about working for Extension in her home county, having a livestock background, building relationships with colleagues, and...
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The Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Podcast

Explore efforts to reduce nutrients in Illinois waterways from agricultural runoff to municipal wastewater with host Todd Gleason and co-producers Rachel Curry, Nicole Haverback, and Emma Eldridge. Read the blog at extension.illinois.edu/nlr/blog
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Green Side Up

Green Side Up is a gardening program produced by University of Illinois Extension. It is hosted by Richard Hentschel, Extension Educator, Horticulture.
About the author/host: Horticulture Educator Richard Hentschel's expertise extends across several subject areas with specialties in lawn care, fruit tree production, woody ornamentals, and home and community gardening. He retired from University of Illinois Extension in April 2022 with nearly...
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Family Financial Feuds

Family Financial Feuds covers financial topics you may have disagreements within your family, whether that's credit scores, money personalities or setting goals. We cover timely topics to help you discuss your own stance on your family financial feud.
In this episode, Personal Finance expert Kathy Sweedler, Extension Assistant Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access Camaya Wallace Bechard, and Financial Planning Education Consultant at eMoney Sasha Grabenstetter wrap up the Family Financial Feuds podcast series. They explore recent...
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Out Standing in the Field

Out Standing in the Field is a podcast from the DeWitt, Macon & Piatt County University of Illinois Extension offices. Educator Doug Gucker covers seasonal agriculture issues specific to Central Illinois. Follow him on Twitter @SoilWaterDoug
Illinois Extension Educator Doug Gucker talks about the effects temperature has had on current crops, discusses the market, and a crop scouting competition for teens in this episode of Out Standing In the Field.
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Closing Market Report

Todd Gleason is a farm broadcaster located on the Urbana Champaign campus of the University of Illinois. He works for University of Illinois Extension and with Illinois Public Media.
USDA Report Day:  June WASDE
- Greg Johnson, TGM TotalGrainMarketing.com
- UofI Summer Field Day Schedule
- Drew Lerner, WorldWeather.cc
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Commodity Week

Weekly wrap-up of the CME Group grain markets with analysis and guest interviews. Commodity Week is production of University of Illinois Extension and Illinois Public Media. It is hosted by farm broadcaster Todd Gleason.
 - Naomi Blohm, TotalFarmMarketing.com
 - Greg Johnson, TGM TotalGrainMarketing.com
 - Arlan Suderman, StoneX.com