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Good Growing

Talking all things horticulture, ecology, and design.
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Latest Episode

March 1, 2024
This week we take a look at a clip from 2021 when the Good Growing team sat down with three horticulturists/landscape designers to learn about their favorite native plants. We asked each one to come up with their top three favorites.

Ep. 166 Grow something new with us: Good Growing Grow Along | #GoodGrowing

February 23, 2024
Do you like growing new things in the garden? Then come grow along with us! On this week’s Good Growing Podcast, we roll out our newest project, the Good Growing Grow Along. We’ve selected six new plants/cultivars to grow in our gardens, and you can grow them along with us. We also discuss...

Ep. 165 Strategies for farming in contaminated soil Part II | #GoodGrowing

February 16, 2024
This week is the second half of our conversation with Zack Grant about urban farming and dealing with contaminated soils. Zack details techniques that urban farmers and gardeners can use to avoid growing in contaminated soils. We also dive into the importance of soil testing and how to pick a...

Ep. 164 Urban Agriculture & Soil Contamination with Zack Grant Part I | #GoodGrowing

February 9, 2024
This week on the Good Growing podcast Ken and Chris chat with local foods and small farms educator Zack Grant about urban farming and dealing with contaminated soils. Zack describes what it's like to grow in urban conditions and how we inevitably encounter soil contamination. Plus we dive into...

Ep. 163 Winter kids activities for both indoors and out | #GoodGrowing

February 2, 2024
Have you been stuck indoors with children this winter? Are they driving you crazy? You’re in luck! On this week’s Good Growing Podcast, University of Illinois Extension horticulture educator Brittnay Haag joins us to talk about different garden and nature activities we can do with our kids,...

Ep. 162 The science behind bee hotels | #GoodGrowing

January 26, 2024
This week’s episode of the Good Growing Podcast features Ken and Chris in conversation with Brodie Dunn and Timo Wayman. The discussion revolves around a new research project on bee hotels that includes a citizen science component. Brodie and Timo share their insights on what they hope to...

Gardenbite: Composting with worms indoors | #GoodGrowing

January 19, 2024
Have you been longing to get outside and play in the dirt? Then vermicomposting may be for you! Learn about how to compost indoors with worms, from containers to use, how to prepare the growing media and food, how to harvest your worm compost, and more!


Ep. 161 Winter Weather and How to Protect Your Plants | #GoodGrowing

January 12, 2024
This week’s episode of the Good Growing Podcast is all about snow and ice. Ken and Chris discuss how to deal with snow and ice on trees and shrubs, problems to avoid with rock salt, tips for using deicers, and much more. Tune in to the Good Growing Podcast to learn more about how to protect...

Gardenbite: Pruning backyard fruit trees | #GoodGrowing

January 5, 2024
It’s that time of year - time to start thinking about pruning your deciduous trees and shrubs. While many of our landscape trees and shrubs don’t necessarily need yearly pruning, the same can’t be said for fruit trees. Learn about why we should prune fruit trees yearly, the different types of...

Gardenbite: A second life to your cut Christmas tree | #GoodGrowing

December 29, 2023
In this Gardenbite, Chris explores the various ways to recycle your cut Christmas tree. Many Illinoisians have a Christmas tree disposal day where they can throw out a cut Christmas tree and the city will pick it up and turn it into woodchips. However, there are other ways to give your tree a...

Ep. 160 Spice up your holiday with these holiday spices | #GoodGrowing

December 22, 2023
Join Ken and Chris on a journey around the world as they explore the fascinating history of quintessential holiday spices. In this episode of the Good Growing Podcast, you will learn about the origins of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, peppermint, allspice, and ginger, and how they made their way to...