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Talking all things horticulture, ecology, and design.

Latest Episode

September 22, 2023
On this week’s Good Growing Podcast, we welcome Emily Swihart back to talk about mulch! Learn about what mulch is, what it’s good for, what mulches we should avoid using, and why our mulch should be thick and chunky.

Gardenbite - Selecting a lawn care service | #GoodGrowing

June 22, 2023
This week on the Good Growing podcast Chris tackles a question about how to hire a lawn care service when facing a list of services to choose from. How does a homeowner decide what is best for their lawn? Does the lawn care service match with university recommendations? Find out on this week’s...

Gardenbite - Fireflies and tips on conserving them |#GoodGrowing

June 15, 2023
On this week's Good Growing Podcast, Ken Johnson discusses fireflies. Learn about fireflies in Illinois, the threats to their populations, and how you can help conserve them in your own landscape. 

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Gardenbite - How to hand water your landscape plants |#GoodGrowing

June 9, 2023
This week for the Good Growing podcast we have a gardenbite episode that dives into the basics of how to water your landscape and garden plants. While some may have built-in irrigation systems, many gardeners must reach for the hose to hand-water when times get dry, and right now times are VERY dry...

Ep. 142 Dealing with dry weather and drought monitoring | #GoodGrowing

June 2, 2023
On this week’s Good Growing podcast, we discuss the dry, hot weather we’ve been having recently. We discuss Illinois State Climatologist Trent Ford’s recent blog post on the Increased Risk of Drought Conditions in Illinois, providing water to our plants, how you can help monitor drought conditions...

Ep. 141 Yard & Garden Considerations When Buying a Home | #GoodGrowing

May 26, 2023
This week on the Good Growing podcast we sit down with Illinois Extension communications specialist and first-time homeowner Emily Steele and walk through some of the basic To-Dos for a new yard/first-time yard owner. We dive into various topics from what to look for at house showings in the...

Ep. 140 Introducing the Illinois Pollinators website | #GoodGrowing

May 19, 2023
On this week’s Good Growing podcast, we talk with horticulture educator Ryan Pankau about the new University of Illinois Extension pollinator website, Illinois Pollinators. Learn about how this website came together, the information it covers, including different pollinators we find in Illinois,...

Ep. 139 Answering Soil Testing Questions | #GoodGrowing

May 15, 2023
This week Ken and Chris have compiled several homeowner questions all about soil testing. We share lots of resources to help the gardener and landscaper determine the status of their soils and eliminate the guessing game of soil management. Watch us on YouTube:

Gardenbite: Caring for spring blooming bulbs after flowering | #GoodGrowing

May 5, 2023
On this week's Good Growing Podcast, Ken Johnson talks about what we can do for our spring blooming bulbs to ensure a colorful display again next year. Check out the Good Growing Blog: Subscribe to the weekly Good Growing email: Any...

Ep. 138 Growing shiitake mushrooms | #GoodGrowing

April 28, 2023
On this week’s Good Growing podcast we talk with Illinois Extension local foods educator Nick Frillman about growing gourmet shiitake mushrooms in your own backyard. Nick shows us the tools and methods used to turn fresh cut logs of white oak and sugar maple into inoculated “bolts” that will yield...

Ep. 137 Garden tools and gadgets | #GoodGrowing

April 21, 2023
On this week’s Good Growing podcast, we have a discussion about garden tools and gadgets. Learn about what we should be doing to get our tools ready for use this spring, some of our favorite garden tools, and more! Watch us on YouTube: Skip to what you want to know...