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Good Growing

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Talking all things horticulture, ecology, and design.

Latest Episode

September 29, 2023
This week on the Good Growing Podcast, Chris and Ken chat with state climatologist, Dr. Trent Ford. During the episode, we chat about what’s up with the weather for 2023. Soils are dry across Illinois. Is there any relief in sight? Will El Nino play a role in our weather this winter?

Ep. 124 The Local Thanksgiving Challenge | #goodgrowing

November 23, 2022
On this week's Good Growing podcast we welcome a new podcast contributor, Nick Frillman! Nick is a local food system and small farms educator with University of Illinois Extension based in the Bloomington/Normal area. This week Nick, Ken, and Chris talk about the local Thanksgiving Challenge, which...

Gardenbite: Growing and harvesting cranberries | #GoodGrowing

November 18, 2022
The holidays are coming up, which means cranberries will be on many of our menus. Learn more about growing and harvesting these popular native fruits.

Ep. 123 Growing and Eating Black Walnuts | #GoodGrowing

November 11, 2022
This week on the Good Growing podcast we talk all about black walnut. This episode is full of information on black walnut from growing it to eating it. We start with learning to identify black walnut and where we would typically find it in the wild. Watch out for the tree of heaven as this non-...

Ep. 122 - Identifying and managing garlic mustard | #GoodGrowing

November 4, 2022
On this week’s Good Growing Podcast, we talk with Illinois Extension Forestry Specialist Chris Evans and Media Communications Coordinator Emily Steele about garlic mustard. This invasive plant can be found in forested areas throughout the state of Illinois. Learn about why we should care about...

Ep. 121 Spooktacular: Dangerous and Deadly Plants | #GoodGrowing

October 27, 2022
What do an ant and a rubber tree have to say about toxic plants? Apparently, more than one would think! This week Ken and Chris dress up in celebration of Halloween and talk about plants that could make you sick or *gulp* kill you! Did somebody eat something they shouldn't? Contact the Poison...

Gardenbite: Three favorite native plants for Illinois | #GoodGrowing

October 21, 2022
This week for the Good Growing podcast we throw it back to 2021 when Visiting Outreach Associate Layne Knoche gives his three favorite native plants to include in a home landscape setting. Of course, Layne has many more natives he would like to include, but we were mean and only let him give his...

Ep. 120 - Some invasive plants in Illinois and their management | #GoodGrowing

October 14, 2022
On this week’s Good Growing Podcast, we continue our discussion on problematic plants in the landscape by getting into some invasive plants we have in Illinois. We discuss invasive bush honeysuckle, oriental bittersweet, teasel, and purple loosestrife. These plants are having negative impacts in...

KILL Your Callery Pear & Burning Bush and plant these instead | #GoodGrowing

October 7, 2022
Are they invasive? Not legally in the state of Illinois. (Yet!) But we are seeing Callery pear and burning bush escape from our yards into natural areas across the state. Today Ken and Chris talk about these two plants, give some background, and then what we can plant instead of these baddies!...

Ep. 118 - Good plant, bad plant part 1 | #GoodGrowing

September 29, 2022
On this week’s Good Growing Podcast, we talk about some problematic plants in the landscape, wintercreeper and Japanese barberry, They have been widely planted, but in many places, they have escaped cultivation and are now causing problems in natural areas. Learn more about these troublesome plants...

Ep. 117 - Growing Fall Strawberries with Grant McCarty | #GoodGrowing

September 22, 2022
On this week's Good Growing podcast Ken and Chris chat with Illinois Extension small farms and local foods educator Grant McCarty. First, we dive into the odd crops we grew this year and then Grant talks about his latest research project on growing strawberries...for the FALL! In October, no...