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Good Growing

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Talking all things horticulture, ecology, and design.

Latest Episode

September 29, 2023
This week on the Good Growing Podcast, Chris and Ken chat with state climatologist, Dr. Trent Ford. During the episode, we chat about what’s up with the weather for 2023. Soils are dry across Illinois. Is there any relief in sight? Will El Nino play a role in our weather this winter?

Gardenbite- How Does Winter Help The Garden

February 10, 2022
On this week's Good Growing podcast, Katie talks about the benefits of winter to our gardens! You may be getting tired of the cold and snow from winter, but it does provide major benefits such as disease and insect control. Check out the Good Growing Blog

Ep. 98 Winter Hostful

February 4, 2022
On this week's Good Growing podcast, the hosts discuss our upcoming snow storm and some fun February garden activities that we can do. Join Ken and Katie to learn more! Watch us on YouTube Check out Ken's article on Salt in the Landscape

Ep. 97 Developing Team Leadership Skills with Dr. Travis Burke #GoodGrowing

January 28, 2022
Are you a farmer with employees? Do you manage crews for a landscaping company? What type of leadership skills does someone who grows plants for a living need? On this week's Good Growing podcast we chat with University of Illinois Extension's assistant dean Dr. Travis Burke about growing up on the...

Ep. 96 Answering your winter gardening questions

January 19, 2022
On this week’s Good Growing podcast, we discuss questions we’ve gotten from webinars, blogs and articles we’ve written, and emails to the office the past year. We discuss feeding birds, pantry pests, managing mice, pruning trees, and more! Watch us on YouTube: Skip to...

Ep. 95 Talking Community Supported Ag (CSA) with Nick Frillman

January 13, 2022
In this week's podcast we talk with Local Foods and Small Farms Educator Nick Frillman about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Nick shares a lot of great information about what CSA is, how it works, and how to get involved in one. 2:51 Welcome Nick Frillman 3:11 What does CSA stand for? 4:19...

Ep. 94 Good Growing Holiday Hostful

December 22, 2021
On this week's Good Growing podcast, the hosts discuss some last minute Christmas gifts for a gardener, the winter solstice, and our recent winter weather. Listen in as they reminisce about the past year of podcasts. Where has Ken been? 1:34 Last minute Christmas gift ideas 2:43 Happy Winter...

Ep. 93 Talking all about nematodes with Chelsea Harbach #GoodGrowing

December 17, 2021
On this week's Good Growing podcast we welcome Dr. Chelsea Harbach, commercial ag educator with University of Illinois Extension and nematode expert! We dive into what are nematodes and do Illinois gardeners need to worry about these microscopic worms swimming through the soil, plus the impacts...

Ep. 92 Talking Plant Diseases with Diane Plewa #GoodGrowing

December 10, 2021
On this week's Good Growing podcast we chat with plant pathologist Diane Plewa about disease observations in 2021 and what gardeners can do when plant disease rears its ugly head in your garden. Watch on YouTube 2:51 Welcome Diane and learning about the University...

Ep. 91 Talking High Tunnel Production with Bronwyn Aly #GoodGrowing

December 2, 2021
Join the Good Growing crew as they chat with University of Illinois Extension Local Food and Small Farm Educator Bronwyn Aly as she shares with them some of the work being done at the Dixon Springs Research center. 2:49 Upcoming Good Growing Winter Webinar Series

Gardenbite: A thankful gardener on this Thanksgiving #GoodGrowing

November 23, 2021
On this week's Good Growing podcast, Chris talks about his list of things he is thankful for during this Thanksgiving week! If you've ever wondered what a gardener and Extension educator would have on their list of thanks, listen as Chris describes healthy soil, volunteers, and more! Check out the...