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The Illinois Extension Strategic Planning Process

From now through the end of 2024, we will engage in a strategic planning process that will create opportunities for many voices to contribute their own vision for Illinois Extension’s future. We are confident that a process that synthesizes the ideas of our entire community will result in a compelling and forward-thinking strategic plan.

A bold strategic plan is needed that sets shared priorities as informed by our current grand challenges, establishes core values, and builds community and culture throughout the Illinois Extension system to coincide with this historic event. ​


    Over the last several years, we have been incredibly effective at identifying, defining, and addressing community-based needs to help individuals, families, communities and businesses in rural and urban areas. Currently, we support those communities by addressing five grand challenges:

    • Community
    • Economy
    • Environment
    • Food
    • Health.

    These grand challenges are addressed through our six program areas:

    • Agriculture and Agribusiness
    • Community and Economic Development
    • Family and Consumer Sciences
    • Integrated Health Disparities
    • Natural Resources, Environment, and Energy
    • 4-H Youth Development

    Along the way, we supported our communities in navigating the numerous impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, accelerated the pace of their digital transformation, and confronted underlying systemic challenges within their communities and industries. Now, we have a unique opportunity to build on our impressive track record.


    Be involved with each step.