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The Illinois Extension Strategic Planning Process

From now through the end of 2024, we will engage in a strategic planning process that will create opportunities for many voices to contribute their own vision for Illinois Extension’s future. We are confident that a process that synthesizes the ideas of our entire community will result in a compelling and forward-thinking strategic plan.

A bold strategic plan is needed that sets shared priorities as informed by our current grand challenges, establishes core values, and builds community and culture throughout the Illinois Extension system to coincide with this historic event. ​


University of Illinois Extension will be a leading force in fostering a legacy of sustainable development, lifelong learning, and community resilience regarding environment, food and agriculture, health, community, and economy via technology and discovery, partnerships, and workforce excellence. 

We will leverage innovative research, cutting-edge technology, and collaborative partnerships to build a future where every community member is equipped to thrive in an evolving world.

Our commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and transformative education will be the catalyst for positive societal change.


Our mission is our broad and enduring purpose:

University of Illinois Extension develops educational programs, extends knowledge, and builds partnerships to support people, communities, and their environments as part of the state’s land grant institution.


As Extension professional, we are committed to the following values: 

  • Collaboration: We foster equitable and accountable relationships across the state to provide programs that meet each community’s diverse needs.
  • Credibility: We act with integrity and build trust by using evidence-based research, following through on our commitments, and supporting our stakeholders to effectively face challenges through tested solutions and new innovations.
  • Inclusivity: We acknowledge and respect the similarities, differences, and contributions of all people and communities in identifying new ideas and approaches to our work. Our success is dependent on valuing, engaging, and including everyone in creating a culture of belonging.
  • Learning: We deliver evidence-based knowledge through teaching, collaboration, and partnerships that provide those we serve with varied opportunities for growth, well-being, and resiliency. 

Strategic Priorities

We will focus our efforts on strategic priorities connected to our vision:

  • Community: Support strong and resilient youth, families, and communities​
  • Economy: Grow a prosperous economy through lifelong learning and development
  • Environment: Sustain and restore natural resources in home and public spaces​
  • Food and Agriculture: Maintain a safe and accessible food, fibers, and biofuel supply.
  • Health: Maximize health equity and access and support health promotion.
  • Partnerships: Create and nurture strategic partnerships and share statewide resources to advance our mission and vision
  • Technology and Discovery: Integrate research, technology, and engagement to close opportunity gaps and build capacity.
  • Workforce Excellence: Develop Illinois Extension staff and teams to advance collaborative impact and strengthen a culture of inclusiveness and belonging.

These priorities are addressed through our six program areas:

  • 4-H Youth Development
  • Agriculture and Agribusiness
  • Community and Economic Development
  • Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Integrated Health Disparities
  • Natural Resources, Environment, and Energy

Be involved with each step.