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Phase 0: February 2023 through March 2023


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Phase 1: April 2023 through September 2023

Assess the Current State and Engage Stakeholders

  • The associate dean and director of University of Illinois Extension announces the strategic planning process, timeline, steering committee membership, and charge, and staff involvement
  • Strategic planning website, email account, and guidebook released 
  • Steering committee commences evaluation of potential areas of focus and engages the Illinois Extension community through listening sessions and other formats  
  • Strategic conversations begin internally and externally with all Illinois Extension stakeholders, strategic partners, and communities 
  • Ongoing updates shared by the steering committee to the Illinois Extension community 


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Phase 2: August 2023 through November 2023

Develop Vision and Strategic Priorities

  • Steering Committee shares online form and stakeholder engagement results  
  • Steering Committee conducts listening sessions to socialize emerging findings
  • Steering Committee advances prioritized opportunities with the Leadership Team, Executive Team, and Illinois Extension community
  • Strategic Priority Committee produces reports summarizing findings
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Phase 3: December 2023 through April 2024

Draft and Socialize Strategic Plan

  • Draft and socialize strategic plan, accounting for and incorporating relevant community feedback
  • New strategic plan finalized and approved by the Executive Team
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Phase 4: April 2024 through September 2024

Plan and Advise on Implementation

  • Working groups formed on key initiatives of new strategic plan
  • Implementation, assessment, and reporting processes begin