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Person outside in the hot sun gardening while wiping forehead of sweat.
Recognizing heat-related warning signs for gardeners and landscapers
URBANA, Ill. — Landscaping and gardening are great physical exercises, and studies show they are good for emotional well-being. But those working outside must remain aware of the dangers associated with heat stress on their bodies. “When I was working as a landscaper, we had to sod a...
A person holding out a large group of varied flowers and herbs
Add a dash of herbs to spice up floral bouquets
URBANA, Ill. — Cultivating a cut flower garden filled with favorites can be a fun family project that can become budget-friendly gifts for everyone. Adding herbs to a garden and bouquets will create a unique, personal touch to designs. Fresh herbs look and smell amazing and will be long-...
Row of blooming Callery pear trees
Six replacement trees for invasive Callery pear
URBANA, Ill. — Now considered an invasive species, Callery pear is a widely used ornamental flowering tree with negative effects on native ecosystems. The tree is still bought, sold, and planted because it has not yet made the...
Row of green evergreens and shrubs planted as a windbreak in a yard.
Discover added benefits to planting windbreaks
URBANA, Ill. — Windbreaks are utilized as critical components of agriculture worldwide and have been for centuries. Traditionally, windbreaks are linear plantings layered with trees and shrubs primarily designed to reduce wind speeds. Also known as shelterbelts, windbreaks have the potential to...

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